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About Us

About us

Give A Work is an innovative crowdsources platform that connects Employer as well as Workers globally. We offer effective solutions to companies, businesses and persons in need to outsource their jobs and projects. Solutions may include constructive ways of breaking down vast tasks to be distributed to workers, minimizing your time to finish your project and collect results on your target date. Our platform concentrates in deploying micro jobs to workers such as data collection and analysis, moderation and/or extraction of data, annotation, classification, image or video tagging, conversion and transcription, product testing, research and survey jobs and more. Give A Work began in 2021 and is now one of the growing and trusted crowd-based outsourcing platforms online.

Our Team & Workers

Give A Work

Give A Work consists of an enthusiastic team, which have high skill in project solutions, supplying customer value and quality assurance. We dedicate our time to provide our users with the exceptional service they deserve.

Our workers, whom we call Give A Work , contribute productively by performing tasks offered by the Employers. Our Give A Work come from various walks of life, from all around the world, starting from students at their legal age to professionals or freelancers who wants to have an additional income online. To ensure quality of service, our Give A Work undergo Qualification Tests and are being regrouped to be included in workers with specific and special skills.